Шины Maxxis VR1 Victra R17

Шины Maxxis VR1 Victra R17

Артикул: TP00000600


Extreme Summer tire designed for drivers who want it all

  • *Denotes sizes featuring our improved S2 compound. Maxxis does not advise mixing S1 and S2 compound tires on the same vehicle.
  • Due to the nature of the tread compound, these tires require special care when storing near freezing temperatures.
  • Reinforced casing and sidewall design provides telepathic response for the ultimate driving experience.
  • This product is excluded from the Maxxis Automotive Warranty
  • Tire compound that reaches operating temperature quickly and provides excellent dry traction while retaining good heat cycling properties.
  • Tread pattern design maximizes dry performance while minimizing white knuckle moments in wet weather.
  • UTQG 200 AA A

The VR-1 features a compound that gets up to operating temperatures quickly and provides tenacious dry traction on the street or during competition. The engineers also made sure the compound heat cycled well so the tire stays fast throughout the life of the tire. The new pattern was designed to maximize dry performance while minimzing white knuckle moments under wet weather. UTQG 200 AA A

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