Аккумулятор Sandtler Racing R700

Артикул: 990006


Type: R700
Capacity: 17 Ah
Short-circuit current at 20 ° C: 500 Amps
Weight: 6.0 kg
Dimensions in mm (L / W / H): 181x76x167

The Sandtler Racing batteries were originally developed to start aircraft engines and to withstand the shocks and vibrations of a fighter aircraft. This has made them ideal for use in racing and rally cars.

  • closed construction
  • Batteries are delivered charged
  • no filling necessary
  • When charged, it can be stored for 12 months before use
  • no acid leakage possible
  • short charging time
  • very highly resilient
  • light weight
  • very high starting performance
  • Installation standing or lying

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